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Christmas Crafts

Host a Crafting Holiday Get-Together for Family or Friends
Melody Jones offers up a fun way to spend time with loved ones during the holidays: a craft party!


4 Recyled Plastic Bottle Crafts That Give Fun Even After They Are Made
Patricia Strasser gives 4 fun crafts from plastic recyled soda bottles.

Choosing the Right Candle Wick For Your Candlemaking Project
Stephanie Bentley gives guidance on choosing the right wick for your next candlemaking project.

Crafts Business

Tips For Coming Up With The Perfect Craft Display
Professional crafter Rena Kingenberg walks you through the process of deciding on the perfect craft display for your needs.

Tips To Sell More Crafts
Eileen Bergen gives in-the-trenches advice on how to separate yourself from the pack, and sell more crafts.


Blocking Your Hand Knit Project
"Blocking" is the hand knitter's secret weapon that takes the ordinary to the extraordinary. A little effort that can set your knit project apart.

Painting Tips & Decorative Painting

How To Do Reverse Glass Paintings
Mayanne Mackay gives how-to tips for creating a reverse glass painting.

Professional art educator, Robert Bear, talks about the versatile watercolor medium known as gouache.

Spray Painting With Stencils
Penny Vedrenne leads us through the tricky business of spray painting with stencils with some tips and tricks.

Common Myths About Stained Glass Painting Debunked
Stained glass painting expert, Stephen Byrne, refutes common myths about kiln-fired stained glass painting, based on years of studio experience. 


What To Put In A Hand Sewing Kit
Jan H Roos lists 12 must haves for your own personal sewing kit.

Woodworking & Workshop Tools

Gluing Wood Together
Mike Wescoat looks at what you need to consider before you put glue to wood for your woodworking project.


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